I Respect The Road

By October 18, 2012AXA, AXA

Ever been infuriated by the behaviour of other drivers, noticed the general lack of mutual respect on Britain’s roads? And have you ever felt you were the only one who notices this decline in Britain’s driving standards? You are not alone.

Our roving London cab, part of the facebook/irespecttheroad campaign, is out on the streets of London right now. Its mission is to find out what has been frustrating you most on UK’s roads and to let you have your say. Our London cabbie, Grant Davies, thought he had heard it all before, but he hadn’t. White Van drivers, cyclists, Boris, women drivers all get the once over as passengers they have their say. You can watch live recorded video diaries and interviews with passengers on this most emotive of topics at facebook.com/irespecttheroad.

Why not hop in the cab and have your say?

Part of a social movement promoted by MWO that fosters a dialogue about driving behaviours at facebook.com/irespecttheroad – asking if the world might be a better place if we were more respectful on the road.

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