Stills Of Bosch Virtual Garden

By October 23, 2012Bosch

The take up of ‘learn by video’, and the rise of consumer online video consumption in the social space, lead to the creation of a new layer of brand interaction for Bosch, the Bosch Lawn and Garden YouTube channel. The regularly updated video content responds both to customer needs and viewing trends, providing relevant and useful information for people interested in gardening. Easy to follow videos arranged in simple playlist cover gardening tips, like pruning and how to change a lawn mower grass box, how to choose the ‘best tool for the Job’, latest products and benefits of Bosch’s new technologies, and advice on how to get the best from your Bosch garden power tools. The Bosch Lawn and Garden channel is an engaging addition to Bosch’s multi channel marketing mix. The channel will grow and change with the seasons, helping gardeners achieve beautiful gardens.

To date UK, French and German channels have been created.

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