Swiftbrother spokesdogs Sid and Johnny

By October 18, 2012News
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The New Year brings a fresh approach for the swiftcover.com Get A Life campaign. The existing campaign – which has been running since 2009 – is to be replaced by a new spokeperson, or in fact spokesdogs.

The Swiftbrothers are a boxer named Sid and a beagle called Johnny, they live in Barkswell near their Mum and Dad, Grandpa, the whole family, their mates and PC Wagstaff. Every day is a new adventure where – bada bing – the Swiftbrothers get it done quick and get a life! The campaign – continuing swiftcover.com’s ‘Get a Life’ strategy – will be led by exclusive screenings through Facebook’s Reach Block technology for two days – 30 and 31 December, 2011 before airing on TV from 2 January, 2012.

Tina Shortle, swiftcover.com’s marketing director, said: “We’re entering a new chapter for swiftcover.com and I’m thrilled to be able to introduce the Swiftbrothers who will front the brand in all campaign activity both on and offline. We’ve always tried to put the brands personality through the advertising and this new chapter certainly delivers that light-hearted, humorous approach that swiftcover.com is synonymous for.”

“The likeable brothers, known as Sid and Johnny, will not only deliver eyecatching, personable ads but they will continue to deliver core messages based around the ‘Get a Life’ campaign. We’re also an innovative brand, known for doing things slightly differently to the norm so we’re excited to be launching on Facebook for the first time, we expect the impact on traffic and interactions through our Facebook.com/swiftcover page to be significant before the new campaign airs on TV.” 


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